Why and How to Use Laxatives for Weight Loss – FitnessChap

Why and How to Use Laxatives for Weight Loss – FitnessChap

laxatives for weight loss

Laxatives are medication which is used for the treatment of your bowel movement and prevent constipation. You can find Laxatives in the form of pills. Nowadays people are too much busy in their daily routine; they don’t have enough time to go the gym, walking and workout. That’s why a lot of people use the laxatives for weight loss, but if you’re going to use any laxative you need to know few things about laxatives, that I am going clear you today.

Before taking Laxatives

Before taking laxatives, concern to your doctor or pharmacist, if you are an Allergic person, this medication will harm your body health badly, but According to research more the 47 present women are taking strong laxatives for weight loss because it’s very quick and fast acting laxative method, but unfortunately it also has some bad effect on health.  Research clearly announced that using laxatives may have some advantage in the form of time and quick response, but it also might have the long term bad effect on human body.

So, I suggest you go any specialist Doctor before using any laxatives; He will choose the right medication for you that is good for your health.

Losing Water Weight with Laxative:

When you took laxatives for the particular time its work quickly and pretty good but laxative removed more the half of the calories from your body. Laxatives not only work water that will remove from your body it’s also removed some of the necessary minerals, but that is also highly unhealthy.
Once you were taking the laxatives, your body will be dependent on him, and your body will not work naturally, that is called laxative dependency, you have to take laxatives for time to time. Otherwise, your body stop acting perfectly.

Laxatives Side effects

As I mentioned above, laxative has some side effect, so these are some of them, you can feel these effects after the using a few weeks ago, tell your doctor your medical history before using this laxative

  • Dehydration
  • bloating
  • Belching
  • Cramping
  • Gas
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Allergic Reaction

Alternatives of Laxatives

Due to side effect of laxative weight loss stories is not recommended way to reduce your weight, here I suggest you some natural ways to lose weight naturally long term, these are hard ways (exercise and workout), but these are naturally you can use it at your home with having no side effects

  • Green Tea & Ginger
  • Avoid Liquid Calories
  • Sugar-free chew gum
  • Use Coconut Oil
  • Avoid Processed Protein
  • Do some Exercise and workout
  • Aloe Vera

At the end of the day, I’m giving you some tips how to control on increasing weight,

Don’t eat too much in a day or don’t go for wrong food, if you’re already set a routine to eating heavily to need to stop this and design a proper and healthy diet

Do some exercise or workout that will help you to look active and good for health and fitness

Try to add Green tea and coconut oil in your daily diet plan.