Laxatives for Weight Loss – Effects and Conclusion

Laxatives for Weight Loss – Effects and Conclusion

laxatives for weight loss

A laxative is a food compound or medication which when consumed either induces bowel movements or loosens the stool. Using laxatives for weight loss has become extreme dieting technique. Researchers reveal that 54% women in the world using laxative pills to reduce weight.

Effects of Laxatives for Weight Loss:

Laxatives have their effects depending on their usage. Its short term effects are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, etc. Laxatives also cause stomach cramps. They also have long term effects which include improper food movement in the body which cause bleeding during excretion. Moreover, owing to reduce the water level in the body it also cause pimples on the skin.

People now-a-day want to lose weight fast and don’t want to go for the long-term weight loss plan, so they use strong laxatives for weight loss. Laxatives do result in a weight loss, not in a healthy way. The pills don’t allow the food to stay in the body for the long. So most of the calories pass out the undigested laxatives reduce the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from the body. So the person starts weaker in energy. So it is stopped once the weight is put back very quickly.



Laxatives are foods, medicines or certain compounds used to induce bowel movements. They help by boosting the reduction of undigested food from the intestine and colon. They are mostly used as a treatment for constipation. However, excess intake of laxatives may also result in diarrhea. You have to be careful with that, as it might even mean a trip to the local hospital.

People are looking for a quick and hassle free solution to weight loss consume laxatives diets right after a meal. They do result in weight loss but not in a healthy way. The pills do not allow the food to stay in the body for long. Even though the body absorbs some calories from the meal, most of them passed out undigested. Taking laxatives regularly reduces the body’s capacity to absorb the required nutrients from the food which eventually affects the health of the person.     

The weight loss resulted after consuming laxatives are the loss of water weight, not fat. Therefore, once the consumption of laxatives is stopped, the weight is put back on very quickly. The resulted by laxative abuse weight loss is neither healthy nor permanent. It leaves the body devoid of important nutrients.

Harmful consequences from over consumption of laxatives. Cramps: Daily consumption of laxatives can result in painful stomach cramps. Intestinal Damage: Laxatives works by pushing undigested food out of the intestine.

Conclusion: We will stick to our original stance. Opt for healthier alternatives or natural laxatives such as almonds, aloe, and Vera, etc. Do not opt for strong laxatives for weight loss compounds or drugs, instead, develop a healthy lifestyle of routine exercises and a healthy meal plan to have a content, happy and healthy life.