Fighting signs of aging | Redefine beauty

Fighting signs of aging | Redefine beauty

Anti Aging Remedies

What actually ‘Aging’ is?

Aging is particularly a biological process of getting older in a detrimental measure. Simply saying, it is a stage when you start getting older, and this is visible through the natural changes on your body, skin, hair, etc. It showcases all the changes that start developing in your life as you grow older or as the years of life pass by. No matter how physically fit a person is, one cannot deny the ‘aging’ signs.  The aging signs possibly move through health decay towards ‘death’ that is possibly the last stage of aging.

What are the prominent signs of aging?

  1. Dullness:

With the passage of time, our skin starts looking dull and restless. As you age, your cell out turn becomes moderate. As a result, it starts losing glow. Mainly talking about women, they love to have fresh and glowing skin rather than dullness. The first possible factor that shows you are aging faster is the dryness of your skin. You used to have a bright, blushing and fair complexion in your teens and suddenly around your middle age you sight the low-life and dull skin. That’s quite annoying yet depressing!

  1. Flimsy eyebrows and eyelashes:

The hormonal changes in the process of aging definitely turn the eyelashes and eyebrows skimpy. Threading and using mascaras are the primary cause why brows and lashes sparse with the passage of time. Just like our skin and hair show signs of aging, our lashes and brows age in the same way. They can become thin, scrawny and even gray.

  1. Tiny wrinkles and prominent fine lines:

The most unpleasant factor of aging is getting wrinkles and fine lines, which are very prominent on your skin. You get irritated every single time you get to see them, don’t you. Lack of elasticity reduces skin volume and causes wrinkles to appear. They moreover annoy ladies as they portray the ‘old-being’ factor. No one loves to look older! Everyone loves looking young and fresh. But these offensive fine lines once start appearing, would stick with you forever!

  1. Dark circles:

The skin at eye area is really sensitive and thin, years pass by and that skin becomes even sparse causing the eyes to look ’Puffy’ and dark circles are more likely to become apparent.

  1. Graying of hair:

Amongst the most visible signs of aging is ‘Gray hair’ we often assume people with gray hair tend to be older, it is a common factor accepted as a sign of old age. Therefore, many of the people get their hair colored, streaked or died just to maintain their younger looks. Our hair play a significant role in portraying our fashion statement!

Why do we have to face the signs of aging earlier?

As we already mentioned that no matter what sort of a person you are, with the passage of time, you’ll have to face the possible signs of aging. But that shouldn’t be really early; who likes to be seen as an oldie just in the middle twenties? No one does! But there are some reasons why people start sighting signs of aging early. Let’s go through some of them.


The UV-rays of Sun cause very much damage to our skin. They are evenly responsible for skin damage, dullness, and freckles which seem to be horrible and very unpleasant. They possibly result in premature skin aging, the sun burns and most devastatingly cause skin cancer. They might give us pleasure but for a short period and would actually cause our skin to tan out.


Air pollution particularly causes a lot of skin damage. It even accelerates the effects of Sun exposure, making the condition even worse.


The level of nicotine and tobacco does not only damage our lungs but are equally responsible for an upswing of free radicals available in our skin. Just like pollution, it triggers the harmful effects of sun rays. Moreover, it causes drowsiness and laziness which turns the human body less active.


Anti-oxidants are referred as molecules which help to neutralize all those free radicals which trigger the skin aging. Lack of food in our diet might cause early signs of aging.

Taking care:

Some of us take skin issues for granted timely. We do not look after our skin or try to prevent it from getting harmed. That’s the reason why most of us have to face the consequences of premature signs of aging. Which are considered as a real time torture for people nowadays!

Fighting signs of aging

Fair complexion, wrinkle free skin, perfect eyebrows and glow on the face is desired by everyone nowadays. Whether it is ladies or men, girls or guys! Everyone loves to maintain the glow on their faces.

Well, it isn’t that difficult to fight the signs of aging although you can not diminish them forever, as it is a natural phenomenon. But you can at least stop them to appear earlier.We have listed down some suggestions which you can implement to combat early signs of aging. It’s totally up to you, how you’ll get things on track.


  • Try to intake at least 7-9 glasses of fresh water per day. This adequate amount of water would help to keep your skin clean and maintain the glow. It’s one of the easiest and free of charge remedy!
  • Get enough sleep each night. Being a night owl and sleeping all day long is of no use and would definitely cause you dullness, puffy eyes and aging signs to prevail.
  • Wash your face with a delicate/gentle soap and keep your skin moisturized.
  • Opt out for good quality and branded moisturizers rather than the local ones. Low-quality moisturizers are merely cheap yet dangerous.
  • Get habitual of drinking milk before sleeping. The calcium would help to keep your bones firm, and skin would glow ultimately.
  • Eat a balanced and full of nutrients diet. Try avoiding unhygienic food g., burgers, pizzas, pasta, etc
  • Calcium intake would help to prevent premature aging signs and skin cancer.
  • Vitamins E and D act as the best anti-oxidants. Make sure you consume fruits which are enriched with vitamins.
  • Consumption of ‘green tea’ helps to build bone density and prevents early aging signs.
  • Get used to physical exercise. Not talking about heavy one but at least simple workouts would be of great use.
  • Try avoiding frowning of brows and squinting of eyes.
  • Make sure you apply a good quality sunscreen before moving out to the Sun.
  • Inhale positivity and exhale negativity!