Insane Move 2018 New 23 inch Half Balance Ball With Straps, Elastic Resistance Bands & Slide Discs | Anti Slip, Durable & Portable | For Core Training, Yoga, Pilates

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Product Description

Take Your Training Sessions To The Next Level With An Insane Move Workout Set!

Trying to…

… lose excess weight?

… burn stubborn fat?

… tone your whole body?

… improve your overall health?

… ameliorate your training sessions?

No more trying. Get the ultimate 2018 training kit, make all your dreams come true and skyrocket your workouts from this day on. Sculpt your body like never before and gain that lost confidence back.

Everything You Need For A Full Body Workout!

Forget about cheaply made balance balls. Forget about poorly stretching resistance bands. Forget about disc gliders not sliding smoothly. Invest in an Insane Move unique training kit and find your peace of mind again.

It includes a large domed half training balance ball which has a pair of resistance handles, an air pump, and a valve pump. Made of high-quality anti-burst PVC and non-slip rigid ABS base, this half fitness ball can lift up to 300 pounds. Use it for greater balance and stability.

The 5 resistance bands included have different colors so as to choose the resistance level that satisfies your training needs. They are lightweight, compact and portable. Fit in your backpack, glove compartment and even your handbag. Ameliorate your strength training workouts.

Last but not least, this set wouldn't be complete without a pair of disc sliders. These sliding discs can withstand even the toughest workouts. Add some spice to your workouts, fire up your core training sessions and work out on any surface.

Train Any Place You Want!

· Gym.

· Home.

· Outdoors.

· Garage.

· Living room.

· Dorms.

· Office.

· Hotel.

· While traveling.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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