HOTSUIT Men’s Sports Suit Running Fitness Sauna Suit

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Product Description

HOTSUIT sauna suit has been scientifically proven can be widely used to body shape control and effective lose weight,
HOTSUIT sauna suit uses our own technology fabric "nano-sliverN9000" it's independently research and develop,

·It produces and retains body heat and moisture within the garment,
HOTSUIT sauna suit increase the metabolic rate ,
· It burns more calories per hour when compared to similar conditions with other common sauna suit,
· Through the special fabric, the heat will assemble fast and cause the fat burns quickly, sweat gland can perspire rapidly,

· It is designed to cause sweat profusely for an effective body shaping and weight loss.
HOTSUIT sauna suit design in fashionable element, it is different from other brand's traditional sauna suit.
· Waterproof zipper pockets designed on both sides of the pants
·Virtual pockets on the upper clothes
·The hood incorporates an elastic binding
·Drawstring for the pants to best suit a wide range of body sizes

·Light-reflecting LOGO placed on left side sleeve
The suit is suitable for a variety of physical activities
·Including boxing, weightlifting, yoga, and fitness training.

·It promotes rapid perspiration, transforming excess body fat into heat.

Our Sauna suit made of smooth and unique materials, more breathable, more comfortable,compare with most of other sauna suit,

HOTSUIT sauna suit can increase sport efficiency and protect your skin at the same time.

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